Prepping UK Dictionary of Survival Words Phrases

AWOL – Absent Without Leave – when a prepper has to Bug Out fast
Bug Out Bag – a bag, normally a rucksack, equipped with your essential supplies to escape and survive for a minimum of 72hrs.see Bug Out Bag Survival Kit
BOB – same as above
Grab and Go Bag – same as above
72 hr Bag – same as above
BOWB – Bug Out Webbed Belt – An additional piece of carry equipment added to the BOB
BOV – Bug Out Vehicle – The vehicle of your choice for any emergency survival situation that requires you to get out when SHTF – see SHTF
BOL – Bug Out Location – Whether it’s on foot with a BOB or by BOV your Bug Out Location is where you would head to – it’s regarded as you safe location
Dooms Day – The term used for final meltdown of society. – see Doomsday Clock
Dooms Day Prepper – Someone who is convinced of imminent pending danger of a certain kind and is prepping for a particular scenario. – see Make Time for Doomsday
EDC – Every Day Carry – this is items that are with you each day in case of a survival emergency
EMP – Electromagnetic Pulse – One of the many Doomsday events that might cause TEOTWAWKI
ESP – Extended Stay Pack – survival equipment that allows more than a 72hr bug out bag
GOOD Bag – Get Out Of Dodge – same as a BOB
GHB – Get Home Bag – emergency survival kit bag to get you home when disaster strikes
Ham – Ham Radio – uses amateur radio bands which cover the earth – may well be the only way of communication for preppers
INCH – I’m Never Coming Home – example is an Inch Bag – designed for emergency evacuation.
KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid – A british army saying, meaning stick to basics and don’t over complicate your survival needs.
LTS – Long Term Survival – this term is self explanatory
MRE – Meal Ready to Eat – Dehydrated food sachets
OFF THE GRID – a term for a survivalist who is surviving without any reliance on ‘normal’ means. Someone who has opted out of society to fend for themselves.
SIS or SIP – Shelter in Situ / Shelter in Place – when bugging out is not possible and you need to stay put
SFWF – Shelter, Fire, Water, Food – survivalist main priority order
SHTF – Shit Hits The Fan – when the emergency situation becomes out of control and law breaks down
SURVIVALIST – a committed prepper who tries to ensure every aspect of their survival to prepared for.
SWOT ANALYSIS – comes from Special Weapons and Tactics [unit] – where a prepper will re-enact a disaster scenario to ensure they are prepared for it.
TEOTWAWKI – The End Of The World As We Know It – the next step up from SHTF
WROL – Without Rule Of Law – meaning the point where where law and order has completely broken down

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