FlexRadio Systems Flex-6300

FLEX-6300 for the Serious Amateur

The FLEX-6300™ is for the amateur operator who wants to experience the magic of software defined radio in the highest performance 100W transceiver family available today. The FLEX-6300 provides an entry point into multi-dimensional amateur radio operations from CW to the latest digital modes. Providing dual panadapters and waterfall displays, as well as two full-performance slice receivers, the FLEX-6300 opens up new operating capabilities at an affordable price.

Receiver Specifications

Receiver Architecture: Direct Digital Sampling
Spectral Capture Units: One (1)
Maximum Slice Receivers: Two (2)
Maximum High Resolution Spectrum Displays: Two (2)
Maximum Panadapter Width: 7 MHz
ADC Resolution: 16-bits
ADC Sampling Rate: 122.88 Msps
Wideband Frequency Coverage: 30 kHz – 54 MHz
DAX IQ Channels / Bandwidth Per Channel: Two (2) @ 24 kHz – 96 kHz
DAX Audio Channels: Two (2)
Amateur Band Preselector Coverage: NA
Preamplifiers / Attenuators: 0 to +20 dB
Spurious and Image Rejection Ratio: 80 dB or better
External Powered Speaker Output Impedance Level: 600 Ohm Stereo Unbalanced
Transmitter Specifications

Transmitter Architecture: Direct Digital Up-conversion
TX DAC Resolution: 16-bits
TX DAC Sampling Rate: 122.88 Msps
RF Output Power: 1-100W nominal SSB, CW, FM, RTTY, Digital; 1-25W nominal AM
Amateur Band Coverage at Rated Power Output: 160m – 6m
Low Pass PA Filter Bands: 160m – 6m ham band only
Transverter IF Output Power: +0 dBm Typical; +15 dBm max
Transverter IF Frequency Coverage: 100 kHz – 54 MHz
Modulation System: Digital Low Power at Carrier Frequency
Maximum FM Deviation: ±5 kHz
DAX Transmit Channel: Yes
Carrier / Unwanted Sideband Suppression: <-80 dBc typ / <-80 dBc typ
Harmonic Radiation 1.8 – 50 MHz Amateur Bands: <-50 dBc; -70 dBc 6m
Transmit Bandwidth: Default 100-2900 Hz (Variable 50-10000 Hz)
Microphone Connector: Unbalanced 8-pin Foster
Microphone Impedance: 600 Ohms Nominal (200-10kΩ)
Antenna Tuner Specifications

Matching Range 80m – 10m: Optional, 8.3 Ohms – 300 Ohms
Matching Range 160 and 6m: Optional, 16.7 Ohms – 150 Ohms
General SpecificationsFLEX-6300_front_angle_handles_660x350-ARC maxresdefault

FlexRadio Systems Flex-6300