DX Commander Amateur Radio Antennas

M0MCX – DX Commander Amateur Radio Antennas

DX Commander Premium Build – HF Multi-Band Vertical System

  • DX Commander Pole
  • 8 x Stainless hose clamps
  • 75 cms 8mm id tubing
  • 10 cms glue lined shrink-wrap (for creating the little end loops for fast take-down)
  • 100m insulated wire (3 steel and 4 copper stranded in 2 x 50m runs), enough for 20 x 4m long radials and all your elements (you cut these yourself)
  • Ground plate with SO239 and flying lead
  • Driven Plate
  • 8mm nylon guy plate (NEW! Up from 6mm)
  • 5mm Upper Spreader (NEW! Up from 3mm)
  • 5mm Double-Eye (NEW! Connects 30m and 40m elements. See YouTube videos) Last picture in Gallery
  • Enough Nuts, bolts and connectors for 6 elements and 11 radial connectors
  • 45 cms 3mm black shock cord
  • 4 x element end loop connectors (may be duffle coat buttons or shock-cord ends depending on supply)
  • 1m 3mm heavy duty guy line for connecting shock cord to upper spreader
  • 6m 550 Paracord for guying your mast

The DX Commander vertical system is based on the same technique as a fan dipole. Effectively a number of elements present themselves to your load and self-select to achieve efficient quarter-wave performance on all bands, according to which quarter-wave elements are installed.